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We opened our doors on 25/11/2021..after a full year previous of upcycling and getting the store ready. Now its middle of February and I have selected several items we have sold some from shop and some from home.. The hot  humid weather was not good but hopefully it is soon to pass. I will add new projects from this point on my shop page ..

MARCH 2024.. We now into our third year of trading... we still get told  " you never open" yet we do open and have set times

But sorry if we missed you.   Trying to make it viable means we need to set some rules .

Easter is early this year and I have instore  quality hand made Chocolate Eggs and lots of attractive Easter Bunnies for sale.

We will open the entire week previous to Easter . Everyday.. We will not be open Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

We are having a Stock take sale on our New Gift Items as well as having some yellow ticket specials in store  the week previous to Easter.

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