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We opened our doors on 25/11/2021..after a full year previous of upcycling and getting the store ready. Now its middle of February and I have selected several items we have sold some from shop and some from home.. The hot  humid weather was not good but hopefully it is soon to pass. I will add new projects from this point on my shop page ..

It is now APRIL 2023

We have been open 16 months 

So decided to delete all the blogs and get to where  we at  now.

The cabinet chocolates are popular.. Also  sold a couple of items that had been in store for awhile 

and whilst we appreciate the sale. I do get attached to some items  and sad to see  them go .

The decoupage accessories and I am happy to help customers who are buying these and want some help.

We are approaching winter and we are planning on  having a sale in  May on Gifts

Due to the economic climate  we  are rationalizing our opening days . As it is not viable some days to be open when we have our work at home.

So for this reason we will be only opening up 4 days a week till later in year  and if we need to go away we will close ..

We encourage happy positive customers . ...


AUGUST ... Sorry our days open will vary this month. Due to health, Farming and some interior work at shop

we will open when we can ..pretty sure no Tuesdays in August open. But Friday,Saturday and Sunday possibly

but text me to find out if you making a special trip. Winter is quiet for us in Dargaville. 

Madame Marmalade is in store now

We make alcoholic Marmalades

Whisky&Orange,Vodka & Orange, Mandarin & Contreau, Rum & Pineapple

Look out for Our Own Rocky Road & Fudge..on shelf in September 

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